Newlands Primary School

Newlands Primary School
The generous LORD NEWLANDS donated this fine building in1896. He instructed the stonemasons to carve 'NEWLANDS PUBLIC SCHOOL' into the sandstone. Welcome all visitors! Click on the link "COMMENTS" below each Post to read what others have to say. And leave a Comment of your own too while you're here!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Commonwealth Games - Parkhead

Only 10 days to go to the Commonwealth Games 2014. So I took a wee wander around the London Road and Springfield Road area today to see the changes. The area is looking good, with many new developments that will remain after the games are finished. The biggest is the new velodrome across the road from Celtic Park. This is sponsored by Emirates and is dedicated to Chris Hoy.
London Road Velodrome

Chris Hoy Stadium

The velodrome will remain as a sports stadium and the athletes village will become local housing.
It is also nice to see that the old London Road Tavern has been re-furbished.
The London Road Tavern,
now "The Real McCoy".
Nice modern pub now
and it also does food.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I recently received an e-mail from Ian Dickson
regarding the James & Flora Powell Medals.

I have reproduced Ian's e-mail and photos below:


"When I was reading about former Dux Medalists on your blog I remembered that my mother-in-law, Mary Cree McMurray Fulton, was a medalist at that school.

She was born in 1919 and attended Newlands Primary from 1924 till 1930. I`ve attached photographs of her Dux Medal, the James & Flora Powell award. It is inscribed with her initials, `M. C. F.` on the front and with `James & Flora Powell Medal, awarded to Mary C. Fulton, Newlands School, June 1930` on the back. I am not sure whether there was an Honours Board in 1930.

Events are vague now but I assume she was then entitled to enroll in the High School for Girls. Mary, however, came from a very poor family and couldn`t afford the school uniform. She had to sit another exam to obtain a further bursary. She passed the bursary exams but poverty and home conditions prevented her from going to the High School. Remember there was no NHS or Social Security in those days.

Because of her background, Mary never went on to higher education.

Mary was of a generation, born after the First World War and lived through the Great Depression and the Second World War. Although she had no professional qualifications she had a flair for finance and management. She married and became Mary King, living in Dennistoun and Shettleston until her death in 1998, aged 78.

My wife and I will always treasure her little medal.

Many Thanks, Ian Dickson."

This makes me wonder if the DUX and the POWELL MEDAL are actually the same thing as we have assumed in other posts below. If you look at the post showing the award won by Frank Wales, it shows a Trophy and NOT a Medal.

Can anybody out there throw any light on this subject ?

Regards, Brian.

Friday, July 10, 2009



Here is a copy of an early hand written Newlands school report that was sent to me by the owner "Helen Cater". As you can see, the report is dated 8th January 1953.
Does anybody remember the infant mistress who wrote it "Miss Howie" ?
Helen was born in 1947 and only attended Newlands for a short time before her family emigrated to New Zealand in 1953. She now lives in Australia.
To see a bigger version of the images, simply click on them.
Use the BACK button to return to this blog.
Helen lived in Burgher St. in Parkhead she had a sister called Shirley and her father was "Eric Cater" and he was a Polis in the area. He was English and was known locally as the Sassenach Polis. This is a picture of him in his uniform.
Helen Said:
"One memory I have is of my mother sending me out in the freezing cold to get biscuits and cigarettes for my father when he came off duty at 11 oclock. Things were tough we could only afford a wee packet of choc biscuits and if my memory is correct a pack of 2 or 3 cigarettes. How times have changed could you imagine now the uproar sending a toddler up the road at that time to buy cigarettes ? but as my mother said, she could see me all the time and the neighbours were always protective."
Does anybody remember Helen or her Dad ?

Friday, May 08, 2009



Liz was a founder member of our Blog and will be sadly missed.
Her full name was June Elizabeth Mellis and her maiden name was June MacWilliam, on the internet, she was known to many as Scotbandit.
I just dont know how our wee blog will continue without her.

One of Liz's friends, known as "Mags" on the Glesca Pals site posted the following tribute to Liz on the Glesca Pals pages.

"I received an airmail letter today from my aunt in Canada who informed me that my pal Liz (Scotbandit a Glesga pal) also known as Liz, June Macwilliam married name was Mellis has died. I am in shock as I have spoken to Liz for a few years and we had family connections we used to speak a lot on Skype. I will miss her dearly. Liz was only 59 and died on April 13th there is a family gathering this Saturday 9th May to celebrate her life there will and open house in Sechelt Canada from 12 noon to 4 pm with a eulogy and address starting at 1-30 pm this is for her friends and family who can make it.
RIP Liz, I will miss you so much.
Mags "
Liz lived in Sechelt in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada,
she once sent me this picture of her beloved home.
It does indeed look like a wonderful place to live.
Liz was the main "Driver" of this Blog and I am just not sure how it will survive without her.

To read a little more about Liz, just click on her name under "Admin" on the right hand side.

You can see the Glesca Pals postings regarding the sad passing of our Liz
by clicking on the link below :-

Monday, March 16, 2009


Margaret (nee Davis) Young, sent us a short message in which she shared some of her happiest memories from childhood, and expressed a desire to see photos of Malcolm Street, where she and her two sisters lived with their parents. (See her posting for January 30th 2009.)

So volunteer admin Stewart Merrilees, from Malcolm Street, and now in Nanango, Australia, with his beloved wife Dani, searched all the computers in their household for photos Margaret might not have seen.

Did YOU live on Malcolm Street?
Can you tell us for SURE it is Malcolm Street in these photos?
Can you identify any of the people in these photos?

At the same time, why don't you send in YOUR memories of that time you got into trouble for fighting. Or the time you got busted for chewing gum in class - and sent to the Headmaster to receive Six of the Best. Perhaps you won a Prize one day that you'll never forget....send photos if you have them. We'll make sure they are Posted on the Blog here, and we can weave your memories into our growing Collection that is enjoyed by so many Newlands survivors.
Just email to: this handy link should open your email program for you.




(It really would be terrific to know the names of these two well-scrubbed little people, who look like they are dressed up to go to Sunday School.)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Loss of Our Childhood Places is Heartfelt

Anonymous/A.J. (from Glasgow) recently shared his feelings on the neglect & subsequent demolition of our old childhood streets....and his remarks are heartfelt for many of us. (See below.)

A.J. wrote.......
I used to stay in 33 Palace Street around the time that photo {Edmiston Street} was taken. I loved the place and I remember well being around the back of Leitch's Bakers close, getting off with some of the girls.

The old place might not have been in the best of shape at that time but now the whole area is a sad and deserted-looking place. During the years I lived there, I was a pain in the butt to everyone and a nightmare for the local Police, but I was only a boy then and everyone (even me) eventually grows up!

I miss the old places because while I lived there, it seemed like most everyone knew each other - and we had time to say Hello to our neighbours. Now, everyone appears to be in too much of a rush. But it's just SAD that they did not include Palace Street, Malcom Street, Delburn and Edmiston Street, with the other tenements in the area which were renovated and restored to their original condition.

I can still see my nickname on Ward's Store (ALKA).
Sadly, the other name on it is no longer with us.
A.J. ( Glasgow)

Liz~ says: (LIZ was known as Scotbandit)
Hello A.J. - You have spoken for many of us in your genuine heartfelt recollections. Thanks so much. Make sure to come back often and tell us more about your years around the neighbourhood.

Friday, January 30, 2009

MARGARET (nee DAVIS) YOUNG Remembers....

Margaret Young (nee DAVIS) left her Comments on an older post, but she provides so much valuable information that we wanted to be certain everyone could read Margaret's recollections from Parkhead/Newlands days..... someone reading it now my feel a memory jog!

MARGARET's earliest days around Parkhead....

............. I just came across this site. I also went to Newlands as did my two sisters. My name was Margaret Davis, born 1948 - and my sisters Sylvia Davis, born 1947 and Rachel aka Rae Davis born in 1943 also attended Newlands. We often visited my granny who lived at 18 Malcolm Street. I attended Newlands for two years and then had to move to a new school built in Barlanark when I was 7. However, both my sisters Rae and Sylvia Davis did all their primary school at Newlands Primary.

It was great to see pictures of the old neighbourhood. I hated to see Malcolm Street go. I always remember old Mum Greg at the dairy.... I saw a picture of the hall monitors and was so pleased to see one of the only class mates I remember from my early years; Ernest Laughlan [in the back row]. He also lived on Malcolm Street.....I later heard he grew up to be a traffic cop at Parkhead Cross? I am afraid I have few good memories of the school.

I was terrified my first day leaving my Mammy, and we had to sit on orange crates because of a high enrollment that year. Have you any info or pics of Malcolm Steet?
I remember going to the 3 Peas with my granny to see Elvis in King Creole.....I loved Parkhead even worked briefly in Woolworth's.....those were the good old days....I now live in Ontario Canada.

written by.......
Margaret Young (aka Davis) from Ontario, Canada

*Editor's note/......Some news for YOU Margaret: When last we heard of your old pal Ernest Lauchlan, he was living in the USA, around New York/New Jersey areas and he played Trumpet for a serious professional events band named Black Tie Boogie....see their website at

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Paul Gallagher has kindly e-mailed me some old photo's of the street that I used to live in - Edmiston St.

(Although the Photos are from the"Glesca Keelies" Website.)

The first one showing the corner of Edmiston St. and Springfield Rd. Showing "Leitch" the bakers, I was sometimes allowed in the back shop to help the baker to cut up the dough for the morning rolls, these were of course made at night. Also the wall behind the back close was also the back wall of the oven, so it was always warm and was a favourite spot for winching couples in the winter. Many a time my pals and me were chased away for annoying them ! Two or three doors up from the bakers, was a butcher who used to sell steak pies in enamel ashets. When you returned the ashets, you got back your deposit of 6 pence. The butcher would wash and re-use them, but he would place them up on the bars of the open window to dry. Well we would nick one every now and again and return it to him after a day or two for the 6 pence. He never twigged to what was going on because we never got "greedy" on it.
Ward's stores on the opposite corner, I remember as being called something like "The Star Emporium" but maybe it is my memory playing tricks.
Anybody else remember this store ?

The second photo looking into Edmiston St. The tall man in the back left/middle of the photo is in front of the house on the corner of Palace St. Well when I lived there, that house was where the "Ness" family lived, the father was a bookies runner and used to take bets at that window. His daughter was Catherine Ness and was in my class at Newlands.
Our first house was the next close past the "Ness" house, No. 61 we were one up on the left. But this house had an outside shared toilet, so we later moved across the street to No. 48 which was on the right and had an inside toilet.
There was a wee dairy at the far right hand corner next to Delburn St and the owner (can't remember his name) had the only car that I ever remember being parked in our street in those days.
At the first close on the left there is a woman in white standing at it. Well just past her, you will see a wee low building between the two tenements. This was a wee single end flat (ground floor only - like a wee bungalow). it had it's own door in the back court which you had to access through the close. My cousin Billy Gibson lived in that flat when he first got married in the 1950s.

( Both photos are reproduced here by kind permission of Charlie McDonald at the "Glesca Keelies" Website.)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Young-ish Pupil Surfaces... from the U.S.A.

Paul Gallagher who now lives in New Jersey USA., sent his class photo from Newlands and some of his memories which he relates in his email below. He also forwarded some nice old photo's which will be posted soon. Paul thinks Newlands continued to run as a school until around 1976/77, and if anyone can confirm, or give a best guess, we'd appreciate it.

.....extract from Paul Gallagher's email:.
My Name is Paul Robert Gallagher, I went to Newlands from 1967-to 1974 then went on to Riverside Senior Secondary. I lived on Burgher street, around the corner, and I could see the school from my bedroom window. The school photo shows me top row first from left. I can name most of my classmates. My best recollection is this photo was taken springtime of 1969. I remember the Head mistress as Mrs Spiers, although I may be mistaken. I can' t remember the teacher in the photo.

I had a great time at Newlands, and I have many great memories.

Some of the highlights were the football team run by two Policemen. Also at Christmas time of 1970, six of my classmates were chosen to appear on the STV religious program Late Call, (the very show the late Ricky Fulton spoofed On Scotch and Wry) although the reverend involved with my classmates and I was much more serious relating the Xmas message. I clearly remember watching them on TV which was so surreal, and they were all the talk of the school during the weeks leading up to the appearance, and after.

I remember, too, participating in the "Newlands Variety Show" with a full stage set up in the gymnasium. This was performed in front of the other students, and parents. A group of classmates and I were dressed as a Black and white Minstrels, singing Al Jolsen's April showers, (how I cringe at the thought of my singing), although it was fun.

There was a Teacher named Miss Horn who taught on the second floor at the front of the school on the Girls side. Also Mrs.Taylor, who's class was on the top floor at the back of the school on the girls side, was German with a very obvious strong accent. Was this a first for the school, having a foreign teacher? I wonder if anyone remembers the lollipop man's small room, first right as you walked in from the boys entrance. It always stank of cigarette smoke.

After I left Riverside I moved to Auchenshuggle for a short while, then moved to Mount Florida right next door to Hampden Park. Around 1986 I emigrated to the USA, were I have lived since. I have been back to see the old neighbourhood, and was shocked to see the changes, particularly to my old street.





( Then click on the BACK button )




Thanks again to Paul's good memory - he has identified the Teacher as "Miss McLean."

......written & submitted for Posting by PAUL R. GALLAGHER, now of New Jersey, U.S.A.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


True to his word, Frank Wales has sent us a photo of his Dux Trophy that he won at Newlands Primary School for the year 1972-73.
Shown here in all it's glory.
A great opportunity for all us numpties who never had any chance of getting near one to see what an actual dux trophy looks like.
Although he has still to send us a copy of the photo of his Granny selling flowers at Parkhead Cross, the arrival of which we await with bated breath !
As a wee aside:
"Anne Armstrong" added this comment to the post below:
"Can you please tell me Is that the correct photo of Frank Wales. I don't recall him looking like the handsome man in that photo. Might be wrong, but think he may have gone around with my brother for a while at Riverside. A few of the boys went on a camping trip in the 1970s and got up to monkey business, my brother would never tell me what."
Well I can't comment on the authenticity of the photo below, as I had left Newlands long before Frank was there and therefore did not know him. Is there anybody out there who can confirm or deny that Frank Wales is indeed the handsome character portrayed below ? How about a wee photo of YOU Anne to allow Frank to comment on if you are how he remembers you ?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Seems like a case of DUX FEVER has broken out on this blog recently....FRANK WALES is our latest Claimant to the famous Dux Trophy - and we may actually get a glimpse of the renowned trophy if Frank keeps his word to provide this blog with a photo of his very own shining Dux Shield.

*Frank Wales' email as received.........

...........Hi, I was Dux at Newlands in 1973, and I'm another one of the many winners who has never actually seen his name in gold lettering on the Dux Board as I've not been back into the building since I left the school. (Hmm, I think I see the problem....)

Just to annoy you, I was also Dux at Riverside in 1978, shortly before Riversides's long-awaited refurbishment into..... a pile of bricks..... If I was lucky, my name on the Dux Board in the stairwell got dry before the joint got demolished. (Of course, I didn't get to see that either....)

For the history buffs, my mother also attended Newlands and Riverside; she was one of the first pupils to go to Rivvie, around 1934, and I was apparently one of the last, which I guess is some kind of symmetry.

I might have some photos from when I was there, which I can try to dig out and scan for you, to add to your collection of mystery faces. I'm pretty sure I do have a picture of my granny selling flowers from her basket at Parkhead Cross, which she did every Saturday, if you'd like that.

Also, thinking about it, I *do* still have my little Dux shield from Newlands. Would you like a picture of that? I'd better polish it up first, eh? ( See the post above this for Franks Trophy )

Frank Wales

(Editor's Comment: .... Yes please Frank - we await pics of your granny up at Parkhead Cross.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


One more missing DUX MEDAL winner has found her way to our wee Newlands Blog. We'll gladly publish her photo as well, if she sends it to us here at the blog.

Here is Margaret Watson's e-mail..... If you remember Margaret or can help her, you can email us (Editor/Admin) or contact Margaret directly via her e-mail address given below

Margaret Watson writes.......Regarding the DUX MEDALLISTS, I discovered this website last night and it brought back so many happy memories for me.
I was Dux of Newlands in 1971 along with a girl called FIONA. Are there any photographs of the Dux Board for that date? I would love to show it to my children as my Dux Medal was lost by a relative and consequently my children have never seen it.
I was also chuffed when a photo of my old house was shown. Its the top floor flat of the tenement on London Road at Silverdale Street. Happy Memories!

Margaret Watson.....

(*Editor: Margaret, we're happy that you found both the blog and the photo of your childhood flat at the same time. Please send us any photos you still have so we can Post them for everyone to enjoy.)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


We recently received an e-mail from George Drummond who was a past Dux at Newlands and who's name appears on the famous Medallist Board. See the post about the Dux Medallists about 10 Posts down from here. He is the 6th one listed on the board and held the Dux for June 1944. We had an idea that he had moved over to the Calgary area of Canada, but could not confirm this at the time, but now we know. He later went into medicine and his son also followed this profession.
Here is his e-mail sent to the blog:-
......My name is George Drummond, born 1932 and lived at 45 Edmiston St. I went Newlands from 1936 till 1943 ( I may be out by a year ) and was the Dux Medallist.
Then I went to Allan Glen's school on a scholarship and then to Glasgow University where I graduated in Medicine in 1956. I was an Intern at Greenock Royal Infirmary for a year and then was conscripted into the army RAMC as a lieutenant for 2 years. I served with a Field Ambulance unit; the 2nd-- 10th Gurkhas and 3rd Battalion Royal Australion Regiment and was a Captain when my army service was over. After my military service I was a General Practitioner for a year in Appleby, Westmoreland, England.
In 1960 I emigrated to Canada and for 4 years I was a Resident in the Department of Anaesthesia at the University Hospital in Edmonton Alberta. I obtained my FRCP Canada in this specialty in 1964 and was a Consultant at this hospital for 2 years until I moved to the Foothills Hospital (Alberta) as a Consultant in 1966.
After 10 years at Foothills, I moved to the Calgary General Hospital and eventually became Head of Anaesthesia there as well as at the Peter Lougheed Hospital.
I retired in 1985 and now live in a small country town in south Alberta called Magrath. I play golf here and visit my daughter and her kids who live here. She is married to a town GP. My son is the Head of Pediatric ENT Surgery at the Hospital for Sick Children in Calgary.

George Drummond,
Magrath, Alberta, Canada

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Former Newlands' lad David Templeton sent us a very comprehensive and interesting account of his years at Newlands and Parkhead. It's printed here for the enjoyment and edification of all our Newlands bloggers......

............Hello. I stumbled across NEWLANDS BLOG by chance tonight and couldn't believe some of the wonderful stories about my old primary school, as well as great pictures of the Parkhead area where I spent my first 12 years. Thank you so much for capturing the history of the place in which I spent my formative years. I'll let my own two sons have a look at the site (albeit most of the entries seem to be from folk who are a good bit older than me!)

My name is David Templeton and I attended Newlands Primary from around 1969 until 1977, before leaving to complete one year at Riverside Senior Secondary. Our family then moved to East Kilbride and that move effectively brought to a close my association with the east end.

We lived at 1358 DUKE STREET in the last close on the right hand side of Duke Street - right on Parkhead Cross, above the Clydesdale Bank. Although the close entrance for 1358 was at the top of Duke Street, our flat looked into the Gallowgate, down Springfield Road, up Tollcross Road and Westmuir Street and also into Duke Street itself. It was a terrible place to bring up a young family (I had two younger brothers) because we only had a high back court to play in. Both my brothers went to Newlands primary too, although only for a short period of time.

We were regular attenders at Calton Old Parish Church in Helenvale Street. My dad was an Elder and a BB Officer and I attended Sunday school, Shipmates, Junior Section and one year of Company Section in the BB - the famous 67th Company. My old man worked in Begg Cousland, also known as the Springfield Wire Works.

The Newlands' class teacher I remember most was Mrs. Gibson whose first name may have been Eleanor.
Mrs. Gibson was simply superb and prepared her class for the transition from primary to secondary in an exemplary fashion. She also inspired me, and several of my classmates, to "stick in" against all the odds, and ultimately progress to university.

She was Newlands' version of Ms. Jean Brodie !

I will look for any of my old class photos, or those of my younger brothers, which may have survived - and will email them for the blog.
Kindest regards,

*Ed/Admin note: David, what a great gift you have shared with us about NEWLANDS. It is truly inspiring to find that you gained an appreciation for Learning under the Leadership of a teacher like Mrs. Gibson, who proved to be a good mentor for you. You obviously made the best of her personal dedication to her students. Thank You for this very thoughtful contribution. Please let us have a wee photo of you to show alongside your story. And if we could show your email contact info it would make it easier for someome from your class to get in touch with you after reading your Post.
Many thanks David,
from LIZ~ (aka )

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Newlands Class of 1967 (Confirmed by Lesley Hunt)

We were recently furnished with this old class photo by email from EDDIE GRUMMETT. Eddie has not yet been able to provide detailed information other than this:
(Eddie writes........Here's an old school photo from a bit later than the others shown on the Newlands Blog. It's Circa 1968 +/- 2 years. I'm not even sure if you have any readers from such "later years" !)
After posting this photo, we were contacted by "Lesley Hunt" who is in the photo (Row B, No 10) and she is confident that the date of the photo is 1967, so we will take her word for it. I have added the table below of some of the names that we have so far. We hope they are correct, if you know any different please let us know.

.............Pupil list for the Newlands 1967 Class.


Then use the BACK button.

If YOU see yourself in the picture, or know anyone else in the picture, please advise us asap so we can add the right names. Eddie forgot to mention to us whether he himself is in this old school photo. If you can shed any light on this nice-looking group of weans from Newlands around the late 1960's, please either email Admin OR add Your own Comment below by Clicking on the word "COMMENTS" shown beneath this Post.

( You can also CLICK ON THE PHOTO for a slightly larger view. Then use the BACK button. )

* Our Thanks to Eddie Grummett for sending this class photo to be added to our growing collection about Newlands Primary School. And YES Eddie, this blog is regularly Discovered and Read by bloggers young and old from everywhere on the Planet (almost), contrary to your suspicions that you are the Youngest blogger on here!

Irene McKechnie (B2) added on 26/07/2010 - Sorry for the delay Rene.

William Reid added a comment saying that he was position "A11" this has got me confused as there are only 5 kids in the front row "A" so I assume that he meant "A5" but I will not add his name to the list until he confirms it. I have now added Hugh Reid at A3 is he any relation to William Reid ? Also, Hugh said the teacher was Miss Christie ?
William also feels that the photo was taken in 1965 can anybody confirm this ?

Monday, January 28, 2008


IAN HYDE recently left a COMMENT under the Post named "Calton Church Parkhead":

Ian writes......
______" Hi - just found your site about NEWLANDS and think it's great!
My name is Ian Hyde and my da was the local coalman in the late 50's,60's and early 70's. -- His name was Charlie Hyde or just "Charlie Mac."

Some of you might remember him delivering your coal in the old days.

We lived at 61 Edmiston Street. Then for a while we moved over to number 4 Palace Street before eventually moving to Tollcross.

I went to Newlands and then Rivvie and I remember well Calton Old Parish Church as I was in the Lifebouys and then in the BB there.

I was Born in 1955, and I now live in England."

by.........IAN HYDE .... now from England.


*Ed/Admin note: Thanks for giving us this great wee story about your famous dad Ian !
I'll bet he humphed many a heavy bag up two flights of stairs to my mum's coal bunker at number 18 Edmiston Street. Also. if you want enquiries and email from your long lost pals forwarded to you, please send your e-mail address to LIZ (who goes under the handle Scotbandit) and we'll take care of this for you. We'd also be glad to have a photo of you Ian to show beside your Post. (Thanx for the memories.)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another Happy Customer ( Free Photo's )


Ramsay Millen (see post 2 below)

contacted me a while ago about maybe taking some photo's of the east end for him.

I did this for him and we entered into a little bit of correspondence. Ramsay and his wife live in Australia and are in their 80s.

Here are some extacts from our e-mails :-

Hello Brian
You mention in your Blog about photographing special places which hold memories, 252 Craigpark Dr Dennistoun and Crail St, Parkhead, Are of special interest to me. The close next to the ladies hat shop. its a long time ago.

Any photo’s would be great. Any reward for your generous help will be granted.

The families were, The Pettigrews, and Toners. they lived in and around these districts. I owe my life to Mrs Pettigrew, she delayed me in returning to my ship thereby I missed being aboard when she sailed, and it was torpedoed.

She shall have gone to her reward, but granchildren maybe around the eastend,.

Excuse my meanderings on days of yore.

[PS – He never explained HOW he was delayed by Mrs Pettigrew !]


Hello Ramsay & Mhairai,
I will try to get your requested photo's taken as soon as I can. Some people seem to think there is a catch to the offer, there isn't. The only "payment" that I ask for is if you will go back to the web site and post a wee comment about the photo's for others to see. Depending on your comments, I may make a wee feature of the photo's and your comments on the site.



Hello Brian
My skill on the p, limited/ so excuse me.

Mhairi and I thank you for the photo's. Memories, memories. if nothing else its all weve got in our twilight years.
Some are bad, most are worth casting the mind back.
Thanks Again, Yours Faithfully Ramsay.


Hello again Brian
Craigpark Dr, a bit aged looking, but it still retains its romantic ambiance. Youthful view.

The photos have rekindled memories of days of yore, and the folies of youth.

Once more, Faithfully Ramsay.


Hello Brian
We both thank you very much for all the scene;s of childhood,especially, Crail St,. And Dennistoun,
My wife is not blessed with a glasgow childhood, she's from the Outer Hebrides, Gaelic and all.

But she has been around the Eastend, walks in Tollcross Park. The banks of the Monkland Canal, etc,.
My life here has been spent in Prison. In a similar unit they have in Carstairs. I of course was staff. Forensic Trained. Quite interesting. Human beings, give food for thought,

We thank you for thoughtful care in sending us the photos. We have thought about coming hame, ''but'' its the time spent on planes, we came over in 1997. We were over 12 hours waiting in Heathrow for our flight, Today would be impossible. Wer’e both past our use by date.

Thanks again Brian for the photies, At times we had a wee greet,

Thanks Again’ Faithfully, Mhairi-----Ramsay.


If anybody wants to contact Ramsay, his e-mail is :


PS: The offer of FREE photo's still stands. See the post about 20 down from here.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Rubber Glove Restaurant ...... by Anne Nish

To celebrate my father's retirement, we planned a special evening for him at the Crowwood Golf Club, where he happened to be Captain. It was a beautiful warm summer evening and the guests had enjoyed a wonderful evening's entertainment and fine dining. The photo below shows me with my dad, the Late Craig Davidson, taken that evening. (Dux Medallist in 1947 at Newlands Primary.)

As we prepared to leave for home, my father suddenly noticed that his gold ring, a precious family heirloom passed down to him from his own father, was missing from his finger. He was so distressed that we all pitched in to look for the ring. Dad thought it had most likely slipped off his finger during dinner, perhaps into a napkin or even into leftover food on his plate. What an uproar followed!

We searched the remains still on the table. We got down on our knees and searched UNDER the table. The waiters joined in the search for this family heirloom as they could see how upset my father was about losing it. We lifted dishes, looked under tablecloths, even checked in the restaurant's kitchens and still the ring could not be found. As a last resort, my husband and I had to borrow RUBBER GLOVES so we could rake through the rubbish bins outside....our hands felt through chicken carcasses and all the other food debris from the evening's diners. UGH. It was disgusting......

We just couldn't find it, and feeling a bit sad, we drove my parents home. No sooner was my father home than - hey presto - the precious ring was found in his golf bag - the NUMPTY !!

He had a good sense of humour though. Dad could appear to be quiet at times, but he enjoyed reading all kinds of books and he studied many Open University courses. (He did work for a while in Yarrows Shipyard before joining Springburn College.) He seems to have been a scholar. I know he worked hard to get where he was and I will always admire and love him for it. He was a good father and I wish I knew more about his younger life, at Newlands etc.
Best wishes to all. Thanks, Anne Nish.

by......ANNE (nee Davidson) NISH..of Cumbernauld, Glasgow.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Ramsay Millen, a former Newlands Primary scholar who has been living in Australia for more than 60 years sent email with some of his thoughts of the old familiar places........

......Ramsay writes: ......" Casting my mind back to school days at Newlands Primary, and then Eastbank Academy, I realize it's been sixty-odd years since I left the district around the Parkhead area and I would presume its beyond my recognition now. Ah, but in my mind it retains its magnetic hold on me!

Many of my friends from pre-war times (WW2) have most likely gone tae their just rewards now as my wife and I are well up in our Eighties ourselves, but I do sometimes wonder who is still around.

It makes me appreciate what a marvellous invention the Personal Computer is. I wish it had been around just after the War. Tracing long lost pals and even auld flames would have been quite simple then. Still, there is just a possibility that there could be an old school pal from the early years, still living around Parkhead or from around Crail Street who might be online and get in touch with me via this Newlands Blog.

I had best desist from days of yore, they jist make yi greet. Yours Faithfully.

by........RAMSAY MILLEN, living in AUSTRALIA.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I was looking through the Newlands Blog and discovered that my dad, the late CRAIG DAVIDSON, was listed on the Newlands Dux Medal Board. What a strange feeling it brought to me. My father had recently passed away and I was missing him - and wondering why on earth I had never really asked him about his own childhood and earlier life. I'm sure many people can relate to the feeling I had. My dad had passed on, and only then did I discover that he had been a clever scholar at Newlands School.

In 1947, he is shown to have won the DUX MEDAL jointly with AUDREY FLEMING.

My dad's sister, JEAN DAVIDSON, who also went to Newlands told me that she had been good friends with ROSE REYNOLDS, another medallist shown on the Dux Board.

Like many of the Dux winners, my dad was sent on to Allen Glens School for Boys and did well there. After he finished his two years' National Service in Malaya, he became a Lecturer in Springburn College. He eventually was named Department Head at Springburn College and continued his career there until his retirement.

He and my mother lived happily in Stepps for over forty years until dad passed away at the age of 68 and my mum still lives there. Mum was brought up in Shettleston and decided to go to a Dance at a hall in Parkhead one night. And having gone to Parkhead, fate stepped in and introduced her to her future husband and my future father.

Their firstborn was my older brother (also named Craig Davidson), and I made my entrance into the family in 1957. Obviously my dad was an early fact my mother very charmingly jokes that my birth was the end result of a 48-Hour Pass that my dad had obtained so he could attend the funeral of my grandfather! My mother had me blushing bright red when she shared this little gem of knowledge with me. (It was too much information!!) lol....

My husband and I live in Cumbernauld and we have one son, Graeme. I really miss my dad and I would just love to hear from anyone who remembers him, or his sister Jean Davidson, also from Newlands. Thank you and best wishes.

( Photo of board by kind permission of Charlie McDonald at the "Glesca Keelies" Website.)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

MY FAVOURITE UNCLE gets us intae Bobby Irvine

"Boabby" Irvine noticed the post about Tiny Wharton and left these interesting comments:-

........Just a wee side bar to the Tiny Wharton post.
We all remember the terrible Ibrox disaster: Well I was actually at that game with my Uncle Bobby Stewart from Canada. My uncle decided that he wanted to see a game before he went back to Toronto.

We couldn't get tickets anywhere, but Uncle Bobby was reading the Daily Record when he noticed the Ref's name. He said, "Hold on a minute" and left my Granny’s house which was on London Road across from Belvedere Hospital. (My Granny lived there since they were built and she also worked at the hospital until retirement.)

About an hour and a half later my Uncle Bobby came back with a big smile. I asked him where he had gone and he said something about phone calls. The night before the game he told me to get down to Granny's early. Imagine the surprise when he told me we were going to the game! After the usual banter of “aye right” and so on, we left the house and made our way to Ibrox. We proceeded to the front of the stadium where we were met by none other than Tiny Wharton himself. I was absolutely “gob-smacked.” After the very friendly greetings we were taken to the stands and shown to two of the good seats. Once we were seated in style, I could hardly wait to quiz my Uncle Bobby on the, why, where, when?

It turns out that Tiny Wharton and my Uncle Bobby were old school pals who had kept in touch over the years. (Friendships can be a beautiful thing, eh?) Strangely enough, we didn't even know anything about the tragedy at Gate 11 until we had walked around the stadium to meet my brother-in-law who was at the game with some friends. Needless to say, this is a day that will always stick in my memory.

My uncle Bobby Stewart, like his famous pal Tiny Wharton, has since passed away. But I believe my uncle kept in touch with Tiny Wharton until he died - which was twenty years ago now. Thanks to Brian Charlton for reviving the memory of that time.

by......... BOABBY IRVINE, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
("Boabby" is the nickname of our famous adventurer Bobby Irvine.)

........Thank YOU Boabby for providing us with this great wee story.
did your uncle Bobby Stewart go to Newlands School too? (See Comments just below for the Reply.)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Another wee gem from Richard Evans.

I noticed a photo of Silverdale St on your site and I was wondering if you knew that this is the street where world famous football referee Tom (Tiny ) Wharton grew up. He attended Riverside and was a member of Calton Parish Church on Helenvale St. as well as the bowling club facing where he lived. He started refereeing schools and Juvenile football before moving on to Juniors. It was only when he hit the big time with the seniors that he became 'Tiny Wharton' Tom passed away not too long ago and the last time I saw him was when he was part of the F.I.F.A. organisation suprvising the final of the under 16 World Cup held in Toronto.

From Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia:
Tom "Tiny" Wharton OBE (born 3 November 1927, in Glasgow; died 9 May 2005, in Newton Mearns) was a Scottish football referee in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Universally and ironically known as Tiny, due to his colossal 6'4" frame, he was one of the most iconic and respected officials of his generation.
An engineer by profession, Wharton took up refereeing at the age of 21 and had reached Class I status within 3 years.[1] He refereed a number of important and high profile games during his career, including the Scottish Cup finals of 1961-62, 1962-63, 1965-66 and 1970-71, and the League Cup finals of 1960-61, 1962-63, 1966-67 and 1970-71.
Wharton's prowess was recognised outside Scotland as well and he officiated 16 international matches, from Belfast to Brazil. He also oversaw 24 international club fixtures, including the 1962 Cup Winners Cup Final between Atl├ętico Madrid and Fiorentina at Hampden Park.
In later years, Wharton was chairman of the Scottish Football Association's Referee Supervisors Committee between 1976 and 1990 and served as part of FIFA's Referees Committee between 1981 and 2000. He was awarded the OBE in 1990 for his services to Scottish football and FIFA's Order of Merit in Gold in 1992. He was described by FIFA president Sepp Blatter as "one of the world's most distinguished refereeing officials".

Monday, September 17, 2007


James and Flora Powell Awards for Scholarship.

Do you ever wonder about those awfie clever folk whose names fairly shone in gleaming golden letters from what we think was the DUX MEDAL BOARD in Newlands Primary? A blogger who recognized the name of George Drummond sent us teenage memories and an account of George's career, summarized below .....

Richard Evans writes....
..........Although I'm from Bridgeton and went to Dalmarnock school and from there onto Riverside, most of my teenage pals were from the Newlands area of Parkhead.
One of these pals was George Drummond, who lived in Edmiston Street. When George finished Newlands Primary as a Dux Medallist, he was sent on to Allen Glens Secondary School for boys. In due course, he undertook studies at our famous Glasgow University where his scholarship and hard work in the field of Medicine resulted in George graduating as a Qualified Medical Doctor in 1956.

After he was demobbed from the army, George spent some time as a family doctor, practicing in the north of England. It so happened that his sister had emigrated to Canada in the mid-fifties and shortly afterwards, the Drummond parents followed their married daughter out to Toronto, Canada where they had settled.

I suppose this may have played some part in his reasons to make another move, as around 1960 George took his leave of the U.K. and set out to meet up with his parents and sister in Toronto. However, after a short time there, George apparently got itchy feet again and he made another big move - this time out to Calgary, Alberta, where cowboys and oil wells still ruled.

Once he got his feet on the ground in Calgary, George returned to post-graduate studies and this time he emerged as a Qualified Anaesthetist to add to his distinction in his chosen career of Medicine.

Although I no longer have direct contact with George these days, I am reliably informed that he has retired and still lives in Calgary. I trust this will be of interest for the blog..... Best Wishes, Barbru.

(e-mail to

(*A wee note of interest:
Admin actually did manage to dig up a phone number for a George Drummond in the City of Calgary, but an elderly lady who answered our phone call claimed it was not the home of "our" George Drummond from Glasgow, Scotland. Maybe she thought it was a nuisance call to sell double-glazing.....who knows really?)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Great Eastern Road - Parkhead

This entry was prompted by the request of Shiela McDermid for photo's to be taken of the area where her mother lived in Parkhead. Her mother lived in Great Eastern Road. Not a lot of people nowadays know that this was the original name of the part of the Gallowgate from Parkhead Cross, westward to Fielden St just beyond Camlachie.


The picture above shows the bank building at the corner of Duke St. and the Gallowgate (formerly Great Eastern Road). The reason I know about this is that my mother and several of her sisters were a born in Great Eastern Road, yet some of her younger sisters (who were born in the same house) were born in the Gallowgate. From birth dates, we can tell that this name change took place between 1925 and 1929.

The picture on the right shows the Anchor Bar at 1401 Gallowgate, at the corner of Ewing Place, this pub bears an inscription with the date 1904 shown on it. So this bar would originally have had an address on Great Eastern Road.

The picture on the left shows The Old Black Bull pub at 1316 Gallowgate near Elba Lane. I am not sure about the date of this pub, but it has been there since I was a nipper.
The main entrance to the Barrs Iron Bru factory was through a pen at the right side of this pub and I remember that the lights at this entrance were in the form of huge soda syphons on the wall.
* * * *



* * * *

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

LET'S GIVE BRIAN A Sheila McDermid

Newlands' Blog Photographer and Admin Team guy, Mr. Brian Charlton, has taken many photos for folks who take up his offer to go around and take foties of their old house etc. He doesn't often hear back from them, (with a wee thanks) but he generously carries on - quietly doing a lot of good work for Newlands Blog Readers ....So it was nice to receive recently this email sent by Shiela McDermid, in Ontario, who thinks Brian Charlton is a swell guy and wrote in to say so. Sheila's "Thank You" is printed here as she requested.....


"I want to take a moment to thank Brian Charlton for his generosity in taking time to photograph various areas of Glasgow for me. He was quick to get back to me again, and his photos were amazing.

I'm really hoping I have found the area where my ancestors once lived - and knowing that on my visit in Glasgow last spring - that I may have been so close (and yet so far) from standing on that property.... was almost overwhelming.

Again - thank you so much Brian, for taking time off your busy day to help a fellow Scot (Canadian Scot). I hope to come back for a visit some day......and if anyone has any information on any of the names listed above...please do not hesitate to contact me."


Sheila McDermid,
Manitoulin Island, Ontario ( )

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

NEWLANDS Tom Donaldson

Tom Donaldson - shown here with his twin brother Jack Donaldson - and very handsome too - recently found our Newlands Blog and sent us photos and quite a few names of long-lost friends from school and early days.

Tom, after an interesting life is now retired and very much enjoying his retirement, along with lovely wife Mary, in Victoria, B.C. - one of the most beautiful garden cities in Canada, known for its very mild winters and glorious summers.

Tom writes:
"Just a little info about myself and my twin brother Jack Donaldson. We both went to Newlands Primary School in Parkhead. Later our family moved to Sandyhills.....we subsequently attended Eastbank Academy.

"My very first job was in a dental laboratory on Bath street. I also managed to complete two years of further education at Langside College....then it was time to do my National Service and I served in the Highland Light Infantry.
I ended up signing on for three years Regular Army, serving in the canal zone, Cyprus, and Sweden.

"Since I was an experienced player of drums and bugle from my days in the Boys Brigade (and various pipe bands), I eventually went on to teach drums at Maryhill Barracks..... and did so until that unit closed down. I decided to emigrate, and my wife Mary and I arrived in Canada in 1957.

Once in Canada, I worked for the B.C. Government and for the Federal Government, and finally retired in 1994.

I am happy and very much enjoying life in Victoria, British Columbia. My wife Mary and I served as Best Man and Matron of Honour at the wedding of friends in 1995.

And I've sent in this photo showing our younger brother Ronald on my Right side , I am in the middle, and twin Jack is on my Left side - at our Family Reunion 1981.

My twin Jack set off to live in the USA when he was 17 yers old, along with his friend Billy Capperauld. Jack was drafted into the US Army where he served for 25 years. We maintained contact with each other right up until he died six years ago.

Friends I still remember and would love to hear from include Billy Cameron, Robert Wiley, Hector Daly, Ian Hay, and John and Robert White, Susan Green, Nancy Nicol and Janet Young who excelled as a tap dancer.

It would be nice to find out how they fared in their adult lives.

Tom Donaldson

(*If you remember Tom or anyone he has mentioned, you can Contact him by sending your email to us here at the Blog....we will Forward your mail to Tom. He will be delighted to hear from you.)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

STEWART MERRILEES - Australia's Secret Weapon

Well, it's Official.....Bulletin from Down Under.
Our long-lost classmate from Newlands Infants Class of 1954/55, Stewart Merrilees, (aka stewmeggs) has been offered one of the best deals ever. Stew has accepted a one-year contract aboard one of Australia's high-tech Navy Frigates, HMAS MELBOURNE. I'm sure he would tell us the details if most of them weren't Classified Information. He'll act as Secretary and right-hand man to the Commander of the ship.

Our Stew moved with his parents to Australia in the late 1950's and by age 16 decided to join the Australian Navy. This photo shows him at age 16, in 1966 on his first trip to sea. Stew's choice of career evidently suited him as he went on to serve in the Oz Navy for forty (40) years.

Those are "Australian Years" of course: Relentless sunshine - palm and date trees in every port - endless supplies of rum - and no traffic jams to worry about. His biggest expense was likely the purchase of Sunscreen. After his retirement from full active duty, he continued with the Navy as a Reservist, Reporting for Duty in Brisbane HQ several days each month. From time to time he has been seconded from the Navy to help the Army get their act together too.

Whilst toiling away in his Brisbane Office, Stew has been responsible for co-ordinating and overseeing special projects such as planning and organizing large-scale training excercises. This may include such events as transporting batallions of foreign military personnel (U.S. troops & others) to Down Under for training in desert warfare.

At the end of his workday when he shuts down his office computer, Stew heads back home to his beloved NANANGO - a small town & rural area about 140 miles inland from Brisbane. At home with his lovely wife Dani, Stew takes care of his six acres of paradise while studying the local wildlife, who often share his garden with him. The Wallabies and Hares are particularly partial to grapevines. Despite wildlife raids on his crops, he manages to enjoy some delicious wines and then he probably kicks back on his front porch and relaxes by belting out a few catchy tunes on his clarinet.

With a six-acre backyard I don't suppose he'll ever have to worry about complaints (or compliments) from the neighbours about his music being too loud.

Stew, We wish you smooth sailing and good ship-mates!
And we are hoping to receive news from you while you're out at sea on the Melbourne defending our planet.


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