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Newlands Primary School
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

NEWLANDS Tom Donaldson

Tom Donaldson - shown here with his twin brother Jack Donaldson - and very handsome too - recently found our Newlands Blog and sent us photos and quite a few names of long-lost friends from school and early days.

Tom, after an interesting life is now retired and very much enjoying his retirement, along with lovely wife Mary, in Victoria, B.C. - one of the most beautiful garden cities in Canada, known for its very mild winters and glorious summers.

Tom writes:
"Just a little info about myself and my twin brother Jack Donaldson. We both went to Newlands Primary School in Parkhead. Later our family moved to Sandyhills.....we subsequently attended Eastbank Academy.

"My very first job was in a dental laboratory on Bath street. I also managed to complete two years of further education at Langside College....then it was time to do my National Service and I served in the Highland Light Infantry.
I ended up signing on for three years Regular Army, serving in the canal zone, Cyprus, and Sweden.

"Since I was an experienced player of drums and bugle from my days in the Boys Brigade (and various pipe bands), I eventually went on to teach drums at Maryhill Barracks..... and did so until that unit closed down. I decided to emigrate, and my wife Mary and I arrived in Canada in 1957.

Once in Canada, I worked for the B.C. Government and for the Federal Government, and finally retired in 1994.

I am happy and very much enjoying life in Victoria, British Columbia. My wife Mary and I served as Best Man and Matron of Honour at the wedding of friends in 1995.

And I've sent in this photo showing our younger brother Ronald on my Right side , I am in the middle, and twin Jack is on my Left side - at our Family Reunion 1981.

My twin Jack set off to live in the USA when he was 17 yers old, along with his friend Billy Capperauld. Jack was drafted into the US Army where he served for 25 years. We maintained contact with each other right up until he died six years ago.

Friends I still remember and would love to hear from include Billy Cameron, Robert Wiley, Hector Daly, Ian Hay, and John and Robert White, Susan Green, Nancy Nicol and Janet Young who excelled as a tap dancer.

It would be nice to find out how they fared in their adult lives.

Tom Donaldson

(*If you remember Tom or anyone he has mentioned, you can Contact him by sending your email to us here at the Blog....we will Forward your mail to Tom. He will be delighted to hear from you.)

1 comment:

A. Donaldson said...

Tom, I believe you are my great uncle, as John "Jack" was my grandfather. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I had missed his face for so long.


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