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Newlands Primary School
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Sunday, January 06, 2008

MY FAVOURITE UNCLE gets us intae Bobby Irvine

"Boabby" Irvine noticed the post about Tiny Wharton and left these interesting comments:-

........Just a wee side bar to the Tiny Wharton post.
We all remember the terrible Ibrox disaster: Well I was actually at that game with my Uncle Bobby Stewart from Canada. My uncle decided that he wanted to see a game before he went back to Toronto.

We couldn't get tickets anywhere, but Uncle Bobby was reading the Daily Record when he noticed the Ref's name. He said, "Hold on a minute" and left my Granny’s house which was on London Road across from Belvedere Hospital. (My Granny lived there since they were built and she also worked at the hospital until retirement.)

About an hour and a half later my Uncle Bobby came back with a big smile. I asked him where he had gone and he said something about phone calls. The night before the game he told me to get down to Granny's early. Imagine the surprise when he told me we were going to the game! After the usual banter of “aye right” and so on, we left the house and made our way to Ibrox. We proceeded to the front of the stadium where we were met by none other than Tiny Wharton himself. I was absolutely “gob-smacked.” After the very friendly greetings we were taken to the stands and shown to two of the good seats. Once we were seated in style, I could hardly wait to quiz my Uncle Bobby on the, why, where, when?

It turns out that Tiny Wharton and my Uncle Bobby were old school pals who had kept in touch over the years. (Friendships can be a beautiful thing, eh?) Strangely enough, we didn't even know anything about the tragedy at Gate 11 until we had walked around the stadium to meet my brother-in-law who was at the game with some friends. Needless to say, this is a day that will always stick in my memory.

My uncle Bobby Stewart, like his famous pal Tiny Wharton, has since passed away. But I believe my uncle kept in touch with Tiny Wharton until he died - which was twenty years ago now. Thanks to Brian Charlton for reviving the memory of that time.

by......... BOABBY IRVINE, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
("Boabby" is the nickname of our famous adventurer Bobby Irvine.)

........Thank YOU Boabby for providing us with this great wee story.
did your uncle Bobby Stewart go to Newlands School too? (See Comments just below for the Reply.)


boabby said...

Hi Brian I think My uncle Bobby did indeed go to Newlands and also
London road for a spellI dont know why but I will find out and he then of course went to Rivvy I think I am in touch with my Cousin Grieg Stewart to try and get an updated history my uncle Bobby was a bit of a lad by all accounts and knowing him the way I did I can believe most or all of the stories I hear do you remember the Joe the cobler that used to be on London Rd he was another pal of Uncle Bobby's My uncle Jimmy Stewart was the oldest male of my Mothers siblings and he was a real tareaway he was in the brigton Billy Boys and used to tell stories that would make your hair stand an absolute character all the males in that side of the familly were of a shady character
and the females were all church going decent people from the Sally Army to Calton Parish Churchand the Church Of The Nazareen on burgher st and every one a gem from my wee aunty Ina of the black cat fame to the big yin as she was known my Aunty Edi a formidable woman who mad men shake in her boots she was some thing else any way all i wanted to do was answer a post I got kind of side tracked as is my want in some cases but esp when I get talking aboot Parkheed and my home town Glasgow
the dear green place or it could be Glass Coo which in the gailic means roughly Translated gray dog and some would think a more fitting name what ever you call it it's hame and the best one I ever had because we arra pepple lol

Anonymous said...

I dont know why you have not transferred the comment by Boeby intae a proper story it wouold make good reading but is very hard to find in here. thank you.


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