Newlands Primary School

Newlands Primary School
The generous LORD NEWLANDS donated this fine building in1896. He instructed the stonemasons to carve 'NEWLANDS PUBLIC SCHOOL' into the sandstone. Welcome all visitors! Click on the link "COMMENTS" below each Post to read what others have to say. And leave a Comment of your own too while you're here!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Newlands School 2007

This is the school as it looks now (January 2007) Still a braw looking building. The girls gate is on the left and the boys gate is on the right next to the Jannie's house so that he could keep an eye out for the bad boys.


Brian Charlton said...

Sure it is really strange that they kept the boys and girls segregated except when they were in class. What did they think we would get up to at such a young and tender age ? I remember at the front there were 2 sets of swings with a fence down the middle to keep us apart. At the back there was a wall with a metal gate in it so you could see through or pass sweets etc. back and forward between girls and boys. We each had a big shed to play in when it was wet and we both had the dreaded outside toilet which were always frozen in the winter. Murder to use especially for the girls (I imagine).

boaby said...

can anyone remember the sirene tests once a month when that bloody thing went aff a near s**t ma sel they never thought to tell ye it wis gonny go aff
the thing sat up oan the roof it wiz huge

Linda Hills (nee McGregor) said...

Are you sure that SCREAMING SIREN went off once a month Bobby Irvine? Surely not....the teachers would have complained that we were being distracted from our lessons.....but I remember that when it did suddenly go screaming off, it immediately silenced a whole classroom full of noisy small-fry like us. For the first few seconds at least, we were stunned stupid!

Anonymous said...

Are any of you listed on this board which used to be on the wall on the first landing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda I remember you from Glamis Rd and Strathbran st GREAT to hear from you after all these years I may be
wrong on the frequecy of the tests of that sirene but it had the same effect none the less I
forgot to look and see if it was still there this is turning out to be a pretty neet blog
awe geeza brek Linda am no gettin onay younger hen an the heed is no as it wiz too many brain cells went A wall awe ra best all
Boaby Irvine


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