Newlands Primary School

Newlands Primary School
The generous LORD NEWLANDS donated this fine building in1896. He instructed the stonemasons to carve 'NEWLANDS PUBLIC SCHOOL' into the sandstone. Welcome all visitors! Click on the link "COMMENTS" below each Post to read what others have to say. And leave a Comment of your own too while you're here!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Brian Charlton at Newlands Primary

Hello all, my name is Brian Charlton I was born in 1950 and I went to Newlands primary from 1955 to 1962. I have searched high and low but can't find any of my group photos at Newlands. This single photo was taken (I think) round about 1961 at Newlands. If I look as if I am peering a bit, it is because I have been short sighted since birth and have worn specs almost all my life, but my mother always made me take them off for photo's. I think she was embarassed that she could not afford decent ones so I had the standard National Health (Harry Potter) type. Either that or she thought they made me look a bit glaikit !
My earliest memory is that I went to nursery school in a little wooden building in a lane behind Newlands school. It was called Elba Lane.
I was in Parkhead the other day and took a wee walk along to where I thought the lane used to be, and believe it or not - It is still there, and even more amazingly, so is the nursery. I will try to get some photos of it some time.

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Scotbandit said...

Thanks for all these brand new photos you have taken of our old school Brian. It still is a fine-looking building on the outside.

Now, if it was surrounded by a few acres of grass and tall trees, it would be a right posh place to send your kids anyplace around Vancouver.


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