Newlands Primary School

Newlands Primary School
The generous LORD NEWLANDS donated this fine building in1896. He instructed the stonemasons to carve 'NEWLANDS PUBLIC SCHOOL' into the sandstone. Welcome all visitors! Click on the link "COMMENTS" below each Post to read what others have to say. And leave a Comment of your own too while you're here!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Very Young Stewart Merrilees

Came across this one. Thats me bottom right. Taken out the back of 24 Malcolm Street.
Afraid I don't know or remember any of the girls.
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margaret young said...

I just came across this site and I also went to Newlands as did my two sisters. My name was margaret Davis born 1948 sister Sylvia Davis born 1947 and Rachel aka as Rae born in 1943. We visited my granny who lived at 18 Malcolm St. I only attended Newlands for 2 yrs and then had to move to school in Barlanark when i was 7. However both Rae and Sylvia did all there primary school there. It was great to see pictures of the old neighborhood. I hated to see Malcolm St. go. I always remember old Murn Greg at the dairy.... I saw a picture of the hall monitors and was so pleased to see one of the only class mates I remember from my early yrs., Ernest Laughlan [in the back row ]....I thought there was a Mc. in there he also lived on Malcolm St.....I later heard he grew up to be a traffic cop at Parkhead Cross?? I am afraid I have few good memories of the school. i was terrified my first day leaving my Mammy and we had to sit on orange crates because of a high enrollment that yr....Have you any info or pics of Malcolm ST. I remember going to the 3 Peas with my granny to see Elvis in King Creole.....I loved Parkhead even worked briefly in Woolworths...the good old days.....i now live in Ontario canada
Sincerely Margaret Young aka Davis


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