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Newlands Primary School
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Calton Church Parkhead

Just for you Boaby (and anybody else who is interested) since you have mentioned it a few times. Here are a couple of photos of Calton Church in Helenvale St Parkhead as it is today. My brother Eddie and me both went to the Life Boys then the B.B. in this church when we were young.


Scotbandit said...

Hey, I remember going to this church on Helenvale Street for Brownies. And later, Girl Guides drew me in for Adventure......not much of that as it turned out.....spending 2 hours tying intricate knots didn't seem like Adventure to my young mind...more like after the second year of Guides at Calton Church I think I just gave it up.

Mind you, we didn't half pull off some really great Christmas Concerts up on the stage back then. I recall waiting to go "on" and feeling that I was going to be sick. Nerves. Plain and simple.

For a short time, Calton Church also opened a wee tea-room on Saturday monrings, and we Girl Guides could volunteer as waitresses erc. I did so, and loved it!

Anonymous said...

that,s probably where i knew your brother from I was a member of the life boys and the 67th boy's brigade I lived right across the road in the corner close at 5 Glamis road spen a lot of time in that church
Boaby Irvine

bobbythescot said...

the previous post was directed at Brian sorry fer fergettin tae pit yer name oan it the heed's no wit it wis och well
Boaby Irvine

Brian Charlton said...

Hi Boaby, at least I can see you have got a better identity now than "anonymous" I think that "bobbythescott" is much better, although why are people afraid to use their real names as an identity - I don't know !

Anonymous said...

Coz we're no awe sae Bold as you urr Brian son.
kind regardities,

Boaby Irvine said...

Looking at the photo of the church brought this back early chrismas
aboot wan in the mornin saw me looking oot ma room windae I wis at that age whe I never knew if santa wis real or not so it's chrismas and i canny sleep and its snowing a rere thing indeed it was so quiet and in the snow were two horizontel lines with what appeared to be scuff marks like something had been walking in the middle or could it have been pulling something a sleigh perhaps
I was beside my self there it was the proof I needed My brother Stewart had been saying that santa wasour Dad but i was having none of it and here was the proof I stood there and watched the snoe cover up the tracks and then I heard voices as i watched the street and saw the source of the voices It was two big Glesga polis
walking doon the middle of Glamis Rd pushing they'r bicycles

one bike on either side and the polis in the middle I was gutted
it was probably one of the worse christmas's I ever had but I still believe in the festival of christmas and in my heart who knows maybe like a lot of us the child in side still believes just a wee bit dont you think/

Bobby Irvine said...

just an update on Calton Parish Church thank's to funding from
well i'm not exactly shure who
but the church on helenvale st
has had a new roof my wee auntie
Sadie sent me a letter with a photo of the church I am not what you would call an avid church goer
but I was happy to see this for purely personal reasons as I said before there is a lot of history
attached to that church and my Familly well done who ever put up the money " i hope it was the lottery people "
Boaby Irvine

ian hyde said...

Hi just found your site and think it's great, my name is ian hyde and my da was the local coalman in the late 50's,60's and early 70's - his name was Charlie Hyde or Charlie Mac.
We lived at 61 Edmiston street and then 4 Palace street before moving to Tollcross. I went to Newlands and Rivvie and remember Calton Old Parish church as I was in the lifebouys and then the BB. Born in 1955.I now live in England.


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