Newlands Primary School

Newlands Primary School
The generous LORD NEWLANDS donated this fine building in1896. He instructed the stonemasons to carve 'NEWLANDS PUBLIC SCHOOL' into the sandstone. Welcome all visitors! Click on the link "COMMENTS" below each Post to read what others have to say. And leave a Comment of your own too while you're here!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

JANE WHITE c.1956-57

This wee lassie has been identified as JANE WHITE. Jane, if you run across this, please leave a Comment and tell us whereabouts you are now since this class photo was taken almost 50 years ago! That's bloomin hard to believe we could all be that old already.
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Anonymous said...

I think this may be Jane White - but I'm not 100% sure.

Brian Charlton said...

Here is this "anonymous" person again, what has he or she got to hide ?

Scotbandit said...

Anonymous is likely Gary Nolan, but whoever it is, I think he's right enough...this is Jane White from our class.

bobby said...

It shure is jane white she and her familly lived down stairs erom us in
#5 Glamis rd takes me back a bit, she had three sisters and a brother all
except one sister went to newlands and Rivvie


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